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Why is NPS no longer enough?

Technology at the service of improving CX

Nowadays, companies want to know if they offer an excellent customer experience throughout their entire journey, and to measure this, the Net Promoter Score (NPS®), an indicator aimed at knowing the probability that a customer will recommend a company, brand, service or product to another person, is commonly used. Because the only element that can tell if the company is doing things right is not the upper echelons of a company, but the customers themselves, who once they have interacted with the product or service, come back again and not only to buy, but also to promote its use and consumption. To achieve this sought-after symbiosis, companies use this farsighted method for loyal customers.

This method has been used for years to review actions in companies, however, this calculator, according to a study published by Gartner, indicates that more than 75% of organizations will drop Net Promoter Score (NPS®) as a measure of customer service and support success by 2025, revealing that customer service and support leaders should seek more effective customer satisfaction analysis techniques and methodologies, due to the challenge of making the data more actionable. While NPS® is a key KPI metric, it fails to detect actionable information, capturing customer intent based on more than customer service, making it difficult to analyze what actions customer service should take to improve performance.

In addition, the fact that price and quality are included in the survey causes confusion when analyzing the real cause of the evaluation, resulting in a customer service without relevant information nor drivers to improve.

Gartner also recommends that in order to measure effectively and to achieve efficient results, it is necessary to use complementary methods and indispensable tools to improve the customer experience, designing optimal channel strategies.

So, what is the challenge in optimizing CX improvement?

Harvard Business Review’s research report on customer experience measurement states the following: “Sixty-five percent of executives say that improving the customer experience is a top priority for their organization, and 49% say their organization will increase its investment in customer experience measurement,” of course, it is necessary then to continue measuring with a method that has been validated for years and its implementation has launched service improvements for the company as well as validating outstanding scores in the market, but the analysis of the data, complemented by the different channels of contact with the customer, is essential to solve a powerful measurement, which provides solutions for improving the customer experience.

In this sense, the rise of digital channels has opened a door of opportunities for these new measurements.

Customer support and service areas, as well as marketing areas, have benefited from the data recovered thanks to the bursting development of technologies such as Big Data, AI, and connectivity between devices through the Internet of Things. This lies in the importance of customer knowledge; knowing who they are, where they are, what they do, enabling the analysis of the data delivered through these new technologies that are consolidated as solutions at the service of consumers to provide a better experience.

Some complementary tools to the Net Promoter Score (NPS®) that seek to solve the dilemma of truly analyzing CX are:

  • Information based on the Wi-Fi radar’s GPS of a branch: it is possible to send queries on how the stay and service at the location turned out, showing detailed and real on-time information of the situation.
  • Virtual queue systems in the branch, sending surveys to the customer asking for personalized and agile service after the virtual queue.
  • As well as virtual assistance systems such as ChatBot, Bots, automating delivery of surveys after each service.

These are just examples of how the advancement of technology can provide us with remote channels, advantageous data to analyze with direct and instant access from customers, giving us a closer and more real idea of CX. This allows us to create strategies with an Omnichannel vision, validating an NPS® score not only through one method, but being complemented through all the channels used in the customer’s Journey.

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