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Efficiency and effectiveness in omnichannel marketing campaigns

New technologies and high customization capabilities have been key to strengthening the relationship between consumers and brands. During recent years, new solutions have benn developed in order to optimise processes and deliver high quality products and services, with a special focus on the consumer experience. One of these solutions is Marketing Automation.

¿What is Marketing Automation?

It is the use of various software tools to automate marketing processes. It allows to improve the contactability of touchpoints and to offer this information in a timelier manner as soon as the customer requires it. It can be used for example, to define onboarding, post-sales and retention flows where the delivery of information to customers is ensured through omnichannel messaging tools.

Improves consumer communication with brands, helps build customer loyalty and optimises operational flow by automating repetitive tasks.

To make it simple, it allows companies to have greater efficiency and effectiveness regarding their defined Marketing actions, to help guide target audiences towards the fulfilment of a greater contact strategy.

In order to make use of Marketing Automation, it is necessary to implement a software platform for implementation and monitoring of actions. Said platform works with stored customer data, such as email, date of birth, geographic location, etc., or through data stored in cookies that record user behaviour.

Marketing Automation software is constructed on a couse-effect logic, establishing conditionals  in user interaction patterns and triggering a certain response based on the fulfilment of said conditions. When a user performs a certain action on a website, the software (according to its profiling and automation) will guide they with a proactive response, be it triggering the display of onpage information, sending an email SMS, etc.

For example, if a user visiting an eCommerce site has added products to their cart, but did not complete the purchase, it is possible to automate the sending of emails a few hours later, suggesting the completion of the purchase. There are also other simpler actions such as sending certain messages through different media in an automated way, with a certain frequency or stablishing automatic responses to direct messages.

Among the utilities and benefits of Marketing Automation, we can highlight:

  • Target audiences segmentation: a correct segmentation of the target audience, according to their behaviour, profile or, for example, if they meet a certain condition. This allows us to group lists from different databases, thus personalising mailings. The automation of these processes is an effective way to manage campaigns with repetitive actions.
  • Understand and learn: a reciprocal action, in understanding what users are looking for on the web and teaching the software at the same time, so that in future encounters with users, they can be offered a tailored experience. And this is one of the main objectives of Marketing Automation, to channel the actions of users in order to increase conversion and improve user satisfaction. 
  • Reduction of time and cost: in which marketing actions are carried out, as these are processed automatically, scheduled at different dates/times, according to the established strategic plan, saving time for the future organisation, reducing costs and making the most of the available resources.

Marketing Automation allows for analytical and statistical control of the data being provided and updated.

Accordingly, Nadia Vidal, Product Manager of Belltech Electronic Channels comments on the importance of using Marketing Automation in the management of multichannel campaigns: “Marketing Automation today is key for companies that want to stand out and enhance contact with their customers. It is no longer just a matter of sending separate email campaigns and push notifications, today it is necessary to orchestrate a complete customer journey and use different channels for this. And without Marketing Automation it becomes quite a complex task as, without the right tools, the work can become quite operational and can tend to make mistakes as basic as sending campaigns with the wrong name”. 

Regarding the benefits and her perspective of what Marketing Automation comes to solve, he adds: “It allows marketers to save a lot of time on routine tasks, such as database cleaning, customer profiling, integrations, etc. And focus on more strategic tasks that create value for the end customer.

On the other hand, it is key for boosting Customer Engagement, as it allows for greater personalisation of customer interactions, notably improving the experience with the brand. In short, they allow us to reach the customer at the right time”.

We also asked her about some key metrics to highlight the advantages of the use of Marketing Automation: “According to some studies, within the next few years *86% of organisations will be competing on customer experience, which is why Marketing Automation is so important today for companies of all sizes. In addition, when they implement customer engagement their customers are 7.2X more likely to make a purchase, have a 76% longer LTV and have 3X higher retention”.                 

(*Source: Gartner 2021 and Braze: Customer Engagement Review) All these benefits contribute to the efficiency of the marketing strategy, seeing significant increases in conversion opportunities while maintaining a cross-channel presence, achieving an omni-channel strategy so sought after by brands today.

If you found this content interesting and want to know more about Marketing Automation and the technology solutions that are the basis for its development and how to apply them into your organisation, at Belltech we will be happy to support your Digital Transformation projects, offering you the support and advice you need. We invite you to leave your details at and an agent will contact you in less than 48 hours.

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